Don’t Plan Project Kickoff Without Doing These 5 Things

  1. The Business Case
  2. Establish a Project Management Office
  3. Publish a well-articulated project charter
  4. Clearly scope the project and
  5. Identify the team

Business Case:

Establish a Project Management Office:

Publish a well-articulated Project Charter:

Clearly scope the project:

Identify the Team:

Skill Requirements:

Role Definition


  • RResponsible — who is responsible for carrying out the entrusted task?
  • AAccountable (also Approver) — who is responsible for the whole task and who is responsible for what has been done?
  • SSupport — who provides support during the implementation of the project task?
  • CConsulted — who can provide valuable advice or consultation for the task?
  • IInformed — who should be informed about the task progress or the decisions in the task?

Performance Criteria

Project Planning Presentation

Project Review Presentation

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