Set SMART Goals To Get Smarter In 2021 (Plus SMART Goals Templates Examples & Free Included)

What is a SMART Goal?

Key Characteristics of SMART Goals:

S — Specific:

  • Who — Consider who needs to be involved in achieving the goal (this is important when working on a group project).
  • What — What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Try to write it down in detail.
  • Which — Determine which resources, skills are required to achieve your goal.
  • Why — What is the reason for the goal?

M — Measurable:

A — Achievable:

  1. How to accomplish the goal
  2. If you have the tools/skills needed,
  3. If you have the finance required to execute the goal
  4. If the time set out to achieve the goal is realistic or not.
  5. Consider taking the team’s input to ensure that team feels it is achievable.

R — Relevant:

T — Time-Bound:

Tip on Building Effective SMART Goals:

  • The collective brainstorming and answers will help fine-tune your strategy, ensuring the goals are attainable.
  • It provides that everyone is on the same page to make the most out of resources, efforts, and time.
  • It also eliminates the possibility of overlooking any issues that can hinder your team’s efforts towards achieving your goals.
  • Overall it helps focus and discipline your actions and helps organize everything related to the goal.

Here are a few SMART Goals templates that you can use to showcase your goals:


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