Quick Guide On Fishbone Analysis Plus Fishbone Diagram Templates

fishbone diagram templates
  • The uses of Fishbone Diagrams
  • How to use a Fishbone Diagram Template in your root cause analysis.
  • Examples of Fishbone Diagram Templates

What is a Fishbone Diagram Template?

fishbone diagram template

What are the Uses of a Fishbone Diagram?

  • A manager can use it to identify the bottlenecks in a project process.
  • Medical professionals can use Fishbone Diagram templates to examine accidents and reach their root cause to be avoided in the future.
  • Product managers can use it as a process and quality improvement tool.

How to use Fishbone Diagram Template?

Identify the problem —

Work on the main causes of the problem —

fishbone diagram ppt

Identify the sub causes through the main causes —

fishbone diagram ppt

Analyze the diagram —

Derive an Action Plan —

fishbone analysis example

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