PowerPoint Templates to reflect on 2019 Performance

The year-end timeframe is great to not only plan ahead but also take a moment to reflect on how did the business perform this year. What were the key issues and challenges which had the most impact on business performance?

Use our collection of root cause analysis templates and business review powerpoint templates to recap the challenges faced this year hence learnings out of them

Business Review Templates

What is Business Review?

It is important to be in touch with your business growth and know what essential changes are required to step up your performance in future. A Business review lets you measure the performance in all aspects of the business — People, Process, Technology and Financials. It highlights the areas where the organization is performing well and the areas which need focus. The biggest advantage of periodic business review is that ensures that the business is going in the right direction and helps create the action plan for the areas which need attention.

Check out this performance review template

Fishbone Diagram

The fishbone diagram or Ishikawa diagram is a cause-and-effect diagram that helps managers to track down the reasons for variations or failures. The diagram looks just like a fish’s skeleton with the problem at its head and the causes for the problem feeding into the spine.

Use our collection of Fishbone Diagram Templates to highlight important issues

5 why Analysis

To analyze what went wrong in any project or work we do, we always start from the question “Why?” 5 why analysis is one of the most common tools used to reach the root cause of a given problem. This is also called 5 Why Root Cause Analysis

Check out this readymade root cause analysis template

View templates for cause and effect diagram and get creative ideas to showcase your business review.

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