Learn to make Curved Arrows Cyclic Diagram in PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

2 min readJan 28, 2020

Curved Arrows Cyclic diagrams show the process and series of events that interact repetitively through the cycle. Such diagrams depict the flow of one step following another repeatedly, which means there is no beginning or end, and the ‘last’ step links up with the ‘first.’ The cyclic arrow diagram shows how one phase flows to the next.

Here is a short tutorial explaining the steps to make Curved Arrows Cyclic Diagram in PowerPoint. Use them in your presentation slides to enhance the overall look of your presentation and explain your ideas, processes, strategies, and theories engagingly.

Here are the steps to create a cyclic arrow diagram in PowerPoint. -

  1. Insert the Hollow circle shape from the shapes tab
  2. Adjust the shape size with the yellow know on the shape
  3. Then insert Rectangles, click on Insert, and from the Shapes menu, select a Rectangle. Place this rectangle on your circle and copy-paste to make a duplicate rectangle
  4. Now rotate and reposition the rectangles (Watch the video tutorial below)
  5. Select the shape and Fragment — Shape Format>Merge Shape>Fragment
  6. Now delete the unwanted shapes to make cyclic arrows
  7. Insert Triangle shape and position it in front of the other curved strips
  8. Now repeat the same process for the remaining shapes
  9. Select the curved strip and triangle shape and make them group (repeat for all)
  10. Now remove the outlines — Shape outline> no outline

Watch this stepwise video tutorial to get a detailed idea.

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