Learn How To Make Radar Charts In Google Slides | Google Slides Tutorial

Radial charts are an effective tool for visually comparing and contrasting data sets. A radial chart will give the end-user a quick and clear picture of the top KPIs. They are simple to construct and, once completed, simple to customize and develop to fulfill your specific needs and requirements.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to make a radial chart in Google Slides presentations.

Why Use a Radial Chart?

As the business world continues to evolve and develop, one thing is certain. Data must be at the center of all business decisions in the information age.

This theory extends to the personal world as well. The best decisions are made by educated decision-makers. It’s great to evaluate data! It is the first step, but it is not the only step or the most important step. Once the data has been collected, users must begin organizing and visualizing it.

Without adequate visualization, it is impossible to make data-driven decisions and will frequently make uninformed decisions that are harmful to the goal. Radial charts are one of the most efficient data visualization tools.

Including a radial chart in your Google Slides presentation is simple, effective, and visually appealing. The radial chart is easy to use and can be easily customized to create visually appealing charts that will enhance any presentation.

How To Make Radial Charts In Google Slides?

Step 1 -Firstly, open your presentation in Google Slides.

Step 2 -Now, insert a circle in the slide.

Insert > Shape > Circle

Step 3 -Adjust the circle at the center of your slide.

Step 4 -Now, create a duplicate of this circle.
Duplicate (Ctrl + D)

Step 5 -Increase the size of the duplicate circle and adjust it over the previous one.

Step 6 -Send the duplicated circle to the back.

Ctrl + Down Arrow

Step 7 -Repeat the same multiple times.

Step 8 -Once you are done, duplicate the slide.

Step 9 -Now, change the color of every shape.

Step 10 -Change the shape of the diagram.

Right Click > Change Shape

Step 11 -You need to follow the same step for each shape inside the diagram.

Step 12 -Now go to the duplicate slide to copy the circles and paste them on the first one.

Step 13 -Change the color of each circle to white and remove its outline.

Step 14 -Now, take the white circle behind its corresponding colored partial circle.

Ctrl + Down Arrow

Step 15 -Make sure that every colored, partial circle should have a white circle behind it.

Step 16 -Repeat the same steps for each partial colored circle.

When used appropriately, a radial chart can be a powerful tool. It will generate a quick and easy-to-understand visual aid to help you build your presentation. Check out our amazing video tutorial on how to make radial charts in Google Slides.

If you want a complete video tutorial for creating radial charts in Google Slides, then check out the video below.

If you find creating radial charts manually tedious, then SlideUpLift is here to ease down your hassle. Our experts have created some stunning radial charts presentation templates that will accelerate your presentation preparation process.

Here are some of them

Radar Chart Template
Radar Chart Template
Radar Chart Template




SlideUplift is a utility to help business professionals create powerful presentations using ready to use impactful PowerPoint tools and templates.

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SlideUplift is a utility to help business professionals create powerful presentations using ready to use impactful PowerPoint tools and templates.

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