How To Use Harvey Balls As A Project Status Report

Harvey Balls

When you want to present a project status report to an audience, consider using “Harvey Balls” as a visual tool to communicate progress. The creative use of Harvey Balls in PowerPoint is good for representing the percentage completion of the project. In project reporting and analysis, the Harvey ball icons can serve as good indicators of the project's performance. The visual representation of data always helps the audience remember the status of the project. Harvey balls can be used to compare data to evaluate the success rate of projects in different stages. The Harvey balls can straightaway tell you which stage of the project requires attention and which are well-functional.

What is Harvey Balls?

Harvey Balls are small circles filled with a variety of colors. You can customize the balls as per your data. The nice thing about Harvey balls is that you can customize the balls to an exact degree while visually communicating the message. It makes your slides less wordy, less geeky, and therefore more readable.

The following example shows how you can customize the percentages with “Harvey Balls.”

Harvey Balls
Harvey Balls

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Use of Harvey Balls in Project Management

This feature makes Harvey Balls quite useful for Project Managers to showcase their Project-related communication. The project contains many activities and phases, so track the status of your project using Harvey balls. Is this project running behind or as scheduled? What good look like? How well are you managing your risks? What is the budget for the Project?

Use of Harvey Balls for Project Tracking

Harvey Balls
Harvey Balls

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Harvey Balls
Harvey Balls

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Using Harvey Balls for Products or Features comparison

Harvey Balls
Harvey Balls

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Use of Harvey Balls to showcase Project Risks

Harvey Balls
Harvey Balls

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Check out a wide variety of Harvey Balls PowerPoint. Also, check out our other blog with a more detailed description of how to use Harvey Balls in PowerPoint.

Advantages of Harvey Balls:

  • Good Visual Tool for representing qualitative information.
  • Useful to display exact project report.
  • Customize the balls as per project status

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Originally published at on February 2, 2021.

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