How To Add Video In A PPT | PowerPoint Tutorial

Why should you add videos in Presentations?

  1. Great at Storytelling: A good, compelling story keeps your audience present and engaged. Imagine conveying your story in a more interactive, visual and sensory manner — that’s exactly what videos do for you. Besides, they keep the content interesting for you.
  2. Convey more with less: You can communicate a lot of content with a video in a shorter time than using text slides.
  3. Creates desired emotions in your audience: You can decide exactly how you want your presentation to make your audience feel — Serious? Emotional? Inspirational? You can bring your business presentation to life with a video that gets the point across.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint Presentation?

  1. One caveat in embedding youtube videos is that your business presentation will become dependent on the internet connection. You will need to ensure a proper internet connection on your presentation day.
  2. Make sure to check whether you will be presenting on a 16:9 or a 4:3 screen. If the aspect ratio of your YouTube video in PowerPoint matches that of your PowerPoint slides, the video can be played full screen without the horizontal black bars.

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