A Quick Guide To Timelines And Different Types Of Different Types Of Timeline Templates

3 min readJul 3, 2020


What Is A Timeline?

The main purpose of timelines is to showcase a sequence of events within a particular time period. Timeline Templates are among the most powerful visualizations tools to showcase information about roadmaps, schedules, a planned strategy, key milestones, and events of a company or product over a particular time.

These are best used to effectively and succinctly visualize complex information and showcase timetables or workflows for the project team and are also helpful in planning, organizing, and tracking projects and businesses.

Different Types Of Timelines

To give a quick rundown of events, or emphasize on important dates or time, there are different types of timeline ppt templates available that are differentiated on the basis of their structure orientation. Here are a few examples-

  1. Horizontal Timelines -

These timeline PowerPoint templates are helpful to demonstrate multiple events or points, with a brief description of each in a page-wide horizontal format.

View Horizontal Timeline Template

2. Vertical Timeline Templates-

This format of PowerPoint timeline is mostly used to highlight more amount of information on events or milestones having long descriptions in vertical flow.

View Vertical Timeline Template

3. Roadmap Timeline Templates:

This timeline ppt layout allows you to map your key milestones for product development, marketing strategy, or business sales.

View Roadmap Timeline Template

4. Event Timeline Templates:

Event timeline ppt templates are helpful in highlighting the important dates and deadlines and helps to keep track of all major milestones of an event.

View Event Timeline Template

What is the use case of Timeline PowerPoint Templates?

Here are a few examples of the different use case of Timelines-

  • Project managers can present a timeline of milestones, project deliverables, notable events or schedules, etc. using the project timeline templates.
  • Entrepreneurs and other business professionals can use timelines to highlight their future business planning.
  • Business Managers can use timelines to give a quick rundown of business highlights or horizon of events over a period of time.
  • Human Resource Managers can use company timelines and history timelines to showcase the evolution of their company

There are more use cases and multiple ways and styles to represent timelines. In the following timeline PPT video, we have showcased different timeline examples to help you give a professional yet compelling look to your overall business presentation.

Timeline templates

Also, Here is a free timeline template for you to get started-

View Free Timeline Template

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